It took ages but I managed to clean up the blog, hopefully removing all photos about which the photographer mentioned in previous post complained. I also hope next time, if anybody wishes me to remove his or her work from this blog, I will get more precise information which images shall be removed. Unfortunately, the blog relies on web-finds and thus I am sometimes unable to understand what people are asking for.

I will probably post something new but I have to evaluate whether it make really sense for me. The best way to avoid complaints about copyrights would be to make own photos and publish only them, yet I am not a photographer. Maybe somebody wants to share? Otherwise, situation will sooner or later repeat.


End of race

I have been asked lately to remove images by one of photographers, claiming I do use his work without permission, thus violating his copyrights. I do not deny it is possible, as this blog is based on images I found published online. I never intentionally removed any copyright information if it was included, I was not trying to pretend photos are mine, I never attempted to hide the source of images. Well, apparently I was too naive thinking it is safe enough and fair enough. Probably it wasn’t.

Then, asked by a photographer to remove photos, without indication which might be made by him, I had no choice but remove all posts. I cannot afford to be charged formally for breaking copyrights and in fact running blog is not worth such battle. In fact, this photographer to large extent is right asking to cease using of his work immediately. Being wiser now than before I see that I should have never posted single image which source and copyright were not 100% clear for me.

The conclusion is I cannot really continue running this blog. I am not a photographer myself (for various reasons, lack of gift for that being not necessarily the main one). I could try to continue by tracking all photos I wanted to publish to reach their authors and eventually get permission. That is however not possible, I am pretty sure many would deny to grant permission and other would simply ignore me, not to mention amount of time I would have to spend on communication. Then, the site will not longer be active I suppose.

There is in fact just one way of running further, if fans of the page help me with getting content or I find few photographers making nice cycling related works that are willing to share. In reality, that will not happen.

Thank you for nice comments, for ratings (whatever they were). I will keep this page just for a while, so that eventually all visitors, also those opening blog not that often as others learn, that blog is dead. Then, at some point, I will remove the site and if anybody is interested to continue, either will handover the blog to such person or, having no volunteers, will just release the domain.



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